Question Mark Media is mostly me, David E. Stark.

I’ve been working with the Internet and associated media for over 20 years, since the days of Mosaic and 2400 bit modems.  In that time, I’ve assembled an extended network of designers, developers and content creators, with whom I work closely on every project.

15 of those years I was with The Foundation for Better Health Care in the field of continuing medical education.  As Director of Information Technology, I led an in-house team that built meeting registration systems, interactive Web-based educational activities, audience response systems, and much, much more. I was also responsible for the general IT infrastructure, managing email systems, hosting services and desktop support.

In 2009 I went out on my own and began Question Mark Media.  Although we still focus primarily on the pharmaceutical industry, other clients represent fields as diverse as law firms, construction services and supply, lead generation companies, call centers, and, yes, Mom and Dad.

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David E. Stark

Me at the Coney Island Museum.
I’m the one in the cap.